ROSL Ensemble Competition Recap

A few weekends ago, the String Quartet of St George’s College participated in the Royal Over-Seas Ensemble competition presented by the Royal Schools Music Club on the 12th of NovemberWe had been preparing our repertoire for a few months under the tutelage of Paul Wright, and we performed movements from both Mendelssohn and Haydn quartets.

We found the Haydn quartet to be deceivingly difficult to polish in terms of intonation, however the end result was a good representation of our hard working attitude. The last movement of the Mendelssohn was definitely the most challenging movement we have learnt as a quartet. The challenges were most prominently found in maintaining the perpetual tempo whilst producing a clear and pure tone. Despite the challenges faced in these wonderful compositions, the end result was rewarding and we walked off the stage grinning with satisfaction.

Groups of highly skilled young musicians performed, with ages ranging from Year 7 to 3rd year university students. String quartets, a string duo, two piano trios and a clarinet quintet entertained the audience. It was refreshing to hear such young musicians perform at such a high level and there was a positive and encouraging energy in the room.

The music performed by the other items included the Gysey Rondo by Haydn, a quintet and a piano trio by Brahms, a Handel Sonata, a Mozart quintet and a piano trio by Frank Bridge. The plethora of different genres made for an engaging concert.

The adjudicator Mr Tim Chapman, the Music Director of St Hilda’s Anglican School, gave very valuable constructive criticism for all of the competitors, all of which we will take to heart and work to improve.

We were fortunate enough to receive 1st place, and I feel it was a rewarding reflection of the hard work put in by us and by our tutor Paul in preparing us to our highest ability. 2nd place went to the amazing Jolima Trio from Churchlands SHS, and 3rd place went to the incredibly talented clarinet quintet from the University of Western Australia.

It was a pleasure to perform alongside the other quartet members and take part in the ROSL competition, and thank you to everyone who came and supported us and the other musicians.

Written by Ariel Postmus