String Quartet Musica Viva Masterclass and Concert

Playing in the St Georges’ College Quartet is an incredibly invaluable experience and being mentored by Paul Wright is just the bomb! Formed just over a month ago, our group has forged a strong bond and we have already locked into each others’ personalities. The Musica Viva masterclass on Sunday the 12th of June was such a cool experience. We were coached by Ken Hamao, from the Enso Quartet who are currently based in New York City. We decided to play the third movement of Haydn’s string quartet no. 3 and our strategy was to make it ‘short and sharp’ and save time for discussion and feedback. We were very pleased with the way we played, and Ken certainly had positive comments that we have now incorporated. It was beneficial to have a fresh perspective and consider aspects we hadn’t thought of before.

Following the masterclass, we were invited to play during the interval of the Enso Quartet’s performance at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday night. We performed Tchaikovsky’s Andante Cantabile movement and some more of the Haydn. Being our first public performance as a group it taught us a lot about what we can take under pressure and the importance of responding to one another. We were all very excited about the prospect of playing the concert hall, even if it was the foyer during the interval! We were lucky enough to watch the Enso Quartet perform, and fell in love with the Ravel string quartet in F major. They played with such vigour and chutzpah and we were more than happy to soak it up. For me, the most exciting part of quartet playing is that moment when you have an interaction, or question, and you lock in with the other instrument. Instantly they respond, shoot you a smile – and suddenly you’re both so fearless you dive into the music!

Written by Olivia Bartlett