Fundraising Dinner Recap

On Friday the 19th of August, our undergraduate String Quartet of St George’s College was given the amazing opportunity to perform in the college’s annual Fundraising Dinner, an unforgettable evening of music-making, fine dining and excitement. To begin with, drinks were served in the picturesque quadrangle to set the mood for the night, and the hours to follow certainly did not disappoint. Beside the fact that I was overly busy musing over how unbelievably good the food was (I have to say, the cheesecake was probably the best I’ve ever had!), the music throughout the evening was absolutely stunning, thanks to all the performers including the Early Music Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra, Raymond Yong, Anna Sleptsova, Prudence Sanders, and our incredible mentor, Paul Wright. Our quartet played the 1st movement from Mendelssohn’s String Quartet No. 3 in D major, which we all immensely enjoyed, and were so happy when the audience erupted into cheers and applause after we finished. I was also lucky enough to be given the chance to play a solo, the popular party piece by Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5, with the Chamber Orchestra. It was so fun to play with such an experienced group of musicians, and I hope they loved it as much as I did.

At the end of the night in a thrilling auction, a massive $5000 was bid for our quartet, and the four of us honestly couldn’t believe it. We are so overjoyed and thankful for everyone who came to watch us that night, and we can’t wait to perform for our generous bidders again, hopefully sometime soon! It was a magical night, and even though it was probably the longest concert that I have ever been to, I had a great time and I hope we get to be part of lots more amazing events like this in the future.

Written by Emmalena Huning