Chamber Orchestra in Dunsborough

The recent Chamber Orchestra of St George’s College concert tour to Dunsborough was as successful as it was enjoyable. The variety and depth of the concert program was lauded by both the audience and the ensemble. As a member of the ensemble it was wonderful to play to such an enthusiastic audience in the beautiful surrounds of Dunsborough. I was surprised to hear that the St George’s Community Centre had never been used for a concert before as the acoustics and layout of the room were very well suited for the occasion. For me, the highlights of the concert was performing the Shostakovich Chamber Symphony as well as all the pieces with soloists. Each and every one of the soloists really stepped up to the plate and delivered a special and musical performance.

In the evening after the concert, the whole orchestra was invited to a barbecue hosted by Peter Knight, who had made our performance in Dunsborough possible. The food and company were wonderful and a good time was had by all. Paul Wright and Riley Skevington provided the entertainment for the evening by performing one of Mozart’s duets for violin and viola, Paul showing off his skill on the viola.


Some of us were billeted with famillies in the Dunsborough area. Like everyone else I had wonderful and generous hosts. They had organised for us to stay in the cottage behind their house, meaning we could come and go as we pleased and practise without disturbing them. Every morning we went up to the main house and ate breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a veritable spread of deliciousness, with a platter of fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt, toast and spreads, tea coffee and a choice of fruit juices all being on offer. Their house was situated in a lovely area, surrounded by bushland with kangaroos hopping by at dusk and dawn. Getting to know our hosts and gaining some tips of what to do and see around Dunsborough was definitely a highlight of the trip. As a thank you, Scott and I played some duets for them. They enjoyed it so much that they filmed a bit of it to show to their family.

The weekend had a good variety of sight seeing, rehearsals and performing. Getting to meet and mingle with the audience after the concert was a lovely touch and the whole ensemble enjoyed the special barbecue that was put on for us in the evening. The tour to Dunsborough was a worthwhile and enriching experience for all and made for a wonderful weekend away.

Written by Cristina Filgueira